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Just a Girl with a Vision, and a Blog; BCB Coaching LLC

The idea of writing a blog about my business made me nervous.  Honestly, it made me a little uncomfortable. I have gone back and forth with how to write this.. even reaching out and bringing in another person for a little bit of open dialogue/talk it out; because I felt cringe, or the ick when it came to writing this.  

My business, like my blog, is personal to me and is authentic to me as well. I wanted to make sure the way I talked about my business still followed my vision; and that it stayed authentic to it too.  

I've taken the approach of "write about your business and the process of it.” 

I started building my business back in 2020, and have been creating, practicing and building my business each moment since.   I started this business of mine because 

I wanted to create something that was not only focused on Health and Fitness but also about building and growing the community around me.  I wanted to provide a space, where my clients would feel both supported and in charge simultaneously.  A space, where they could navigate their goals and life with a little helping hand.  A space, where they felt comfortable to be themselves and be vocal about anything and everything.  

Part of my vision for my business is to provide a place for my clients to grow in their own way; where eventually they wouldn’t necessarily need me along side them.  The idea of letting my clients go, after they no longer need me, is a fun process.  Helping them reach their goal(s) they had set for themselves, and then later on when they call or text me to tell me about another milestone they have accomplished, is my favorite part.  

I had a handful of first time clients when I started in 2020; this helped me to learn and be more hands on.  We did a lot of group work and practice in my certification program but that seemed different then actually doing it.  These first few months helped me when it came to writing out my goals, and what I saw my business being at that time.   I had so many different directions, and ideas to navigate.   

The process of creating my business has been slow.  Or as I like to say in my blogs, my business and my blog have been on my own terms.  

In starting my business, I first became a Certified Health & Certified Life Coach.  Followed by becoming a Certified International Health Coach.  Once I collected those achievements I started to create my blog.   I had hand written the first five blogs in my notebook.. and I outlined more ideas for others as well.   This blog was just a way for me to express myself, show a little inside view to my mind and what I have going on. If you are reading this, welcome to the blog or welcome back to the Bloggy Blog.  

I Officially started BCB Coaching LLC in June of 2022.  This is also when I added a few other achievements to my list of certifications.   

In this past year at BCB Coaching we have offered Health Coaching, Group Workouts, One on One Trainings, Running “Guidance”/Training, and Life Coaching.

  • Group Workouts in the backyard started this past spring (2023).  Twice a week in the afternoons, and sometimes we even added a morning session when the schedule permitted.  Upcoming; will be offering morning and afternoon group workout sessions with training either inside or outside.

  • One on One Fitness Training: The options I offer are two, three, four times a week training. One on One’s take into consideration the clients schedule and how best to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself.    Offered both In Person and virtually. 

  • One on One Running “guidance”/training:  “timed” or “not Timed” running situations and helping strengthen their pace and mindset.  

  • Health and Life Coaching for me has been a hands on process.  When it comes to Health and Life Coaching I typically like to do this in person.  Where I can sit down with my clients and discuss goals, write out schedules, and maybe create a few little checklists for them.  I have also worked with some clients in organizing their budget, mostly to see what their expenses are in each month or months coming up.  The Health and Life Coaching portion of the business has also been done virtually, via Zoom and Telephone.  I have still done the process the same way whether in person or virtual.  

  • Soccer Training:  Coaching soccer has always been a passion of mine.  Offering One on One, or Group training is a new addition.   I have previously in the past worked with teams and individuals on strength/growth on the field and off.  This training is both about enhancing the individuals mindset, fitness/strength, and technique.   

I want my business to always stay authentic to who I am, and what my vision continues to grow into. With the truest intentions and focus on my clients.  With focusing on building a sense of community and supporting my clients through their journey. 

I have had a pretty open vision when it comes to BCB Coaching LLC but I have struggled to fully execute it.  If I am being honest I’ve struggled mostly with “imposter syndrome.”   Basically what has been holding me back from fully executing my own business is myself.   I would take steps forward and start to execute all that I wanted, and then something inside me would convince me I wasn’t capable of doing it, so then I do sort of a steamroll backwards.  Sometimes its nice to take a step back and away.  Thats when I remember what I wrote when I first started:

“My main focus is on helping you take your own power back; it is on helping you learn how to listen to your mind, and body.. to not only follow, but to trust your heart, your head and the feet underneath you. My goal is to help you navigate through your journey in its entirety; the highs, the lows, the successes and the failures.   Remember this is your journey and it’s time to start taking control of it.  Be accountable for yourself, your health and your mindset.” 

And with those words.. I needed to finally trust in myself and continue doing what I love to do.  

So please, allow me to introduce officially:  BCB Coaching LLC 

Its not just Health and Life Coaching.. its much more than that.. 

I am beyond Thankful and Grateful for my current clients and past clients.

And with that We are Now Accepting New Clients.  

[Love Your Journey]



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