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Our goal is to partner with individuals by utilizing a six month program to help you figure out how to reconnect to yourself.. your mind, your body and your soul.  I am here to help work along side you through the highs, the lows, the successes and even the failures in your journey.



My mission is to help you love your journey. 

It is more than just a motto.. or a way of life.   This process is about releasing the judgments we feel with ourselves and/or others.  

I am here to help guide you through YOUR JOURNEY in its entirety. Its about putting the power back in your hands and helping you get out of your own way.    

As a Health & Life Coach I am not here to take the place of a dietician, nutritionist, trainer, therapist, or doctor.   I am here to help guide you through your journey; the highs, the lows, the successes and even the failures.  

I want to provide an environment where everyone feels comfortable being themselves.  A safe place where you can step out from behind your walls and be open to discuss your thoughts and feelings about your journey.  

“Life and this Journey can knock you down and it can also lift you up. It is your choice how you handle each of those moments and where you allow the Journey to take you.” 



My name is Berkeley Cecchini-Bond and I wanted to first mention that I am passionate about learning; in and outside of the class room, especially through life experience(s).  I have always valued our ability as human beings to be able to connect, engage and interact with everything around us. My goal in training to become a Health Coach was and is to be able to combine my passion for learning and helping others.    

INHC (Integrative Nutrition Health Coach), CIHC (Certified International Health Coach),

CLC (Certified Professional Life Coach)

I have spent parts of my journey educating myself in a variety of ways.  My educational background consists of both a Bachelor's degree in Accounting (JWU), and a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) (SNHU). I have recently finished Health coach training; from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition*. At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I studied a variety of dietary theories and unique lifestyle coaching methods.  

I am so grateful for the ability to listen, as I have always loved hearing about others journey’s and all that makes them who they are, who they were and who they are becoming.  

I hope that our paths cross and that we are able to become part of each others journey, in this life.   

.Be Different. Be Real. Be Free To Be Your True Self. 



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