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Would You Choose to Write

If I asked you to fill out a page of this journal would you?

Even with minimal context from me.. and no prompt.

I just handed you this journal and now its just you and a single page (or two)..

With the freedom to write anything you want..

Would you dive deep into that mind of yours?

Or would you choose to write a quick little bit that doesn’t go super deep but gets a little something, something out and down?

The power of being present.

The power of your own words. the question is, Would you choose to write?

Take out all the judgement.

Take a moment to breath in and then exhale it all.

Let what flows, flow.

Would you allow yourself this moment with what is right in front of you?

It’s been seven hundred and thirty days since I started this blog.

To end this year I wanted to open up this blog to so much more. Writing to me is a space where I can create freely. My journal is a place where I write down thoughts, words, paragraphs.. anything, everything and nothing.

“Opening this up” and seeing who would choose to write; was about seeing where each individual would take it. I think the beautiful thing about our ability to think for ourselves and write is you can be as real, raw and vulnerable as you want to or you could simply be short and to the point. It was all your choice.

Free writing; has helped me be more present with my writing, myself and my thoughts.

To provide a space for others to write anything they wanted..

To give them a space to choose their own direction..

And with that..

Honor yourself.

Honor what makes you different.

You are the only You.

Be Real. Be Yourself.


and to whatever next years blogs and journals might bring.. I am ready. are you?

I used to get such bad anxiety when it came to anyone reading anything I ever wrote.. I'v spent my entire life writing away in diaries, books, notes, computers, notebooks.. etc.. Two years of posting my writing.. and my thoughts; finally having the courage to step outside my comfort zone and just post.

...all I can say is that I am Grateful...

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