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My Journey: With Gus

Gus Gus.. Gustavo.. Gus Patrick.. Gas..

My favorite guy.

My rock.

My security blanket.

This blog is short and sweet.. and I just wanted to share a little bit about my dog Gus.

I always wanted a dog, and growing up my Ma made it very clear we weren’t allowed to have a dog until we moved out and had our own places. When I finally moved out and lived in my own house.. I thought FINALLY it's time for me to start searching for a dog.  My cousin found Gus and sent me the post.. and as soon as I saw him I knew I had to fill out the application and submit it.   We were having a little girls day at a winery, so obviously I took that time to fill out the application.

December 07, 2015 was the email confirmation that Gus would join my family and January 2nd, 2016 is when he officially arrived home.

It was an interesting first couple months.. I was new to being a home owner and a dog owner all within a short time of each other.  Talk about a learning curve.

When he was a puppy I had put his bed in a small crate and tried to do the “crate training thing”.. he was not happy with that at all and honestly I don’t think I am built to be able to do that either.  He would be shaking in there every time I closed the door  (I read and tried to ask other what they did, nothing seemed to really work).  Seeing him lying in there, and shaking would break my heart so I would lay on the floor next to his crate with him at night, holding on to his paw the first couple of nights.  I caved eventually and put a dog bed right next to the bed in my room.  He would sleep right there every single night.

Gus has been by my side these past eight years through absolutely everything. 

When I had knee surgery and I would be home alone in our house Gus was by my side every step of the way. This was nice, especially on days it was just him and I there.  It didn’t matter where I was he would just be laying across my lap (on the couch and even on the floor).

We have moved around a handful of times as well and Honestly the only time Gus and I have spent a great deal of time apart was when I moved to California for a few years (not that I didn't try). Every year I would hold the door open to my van or my car.. try to get him in the car and he was unsure of getting in..or would just want nothing to do with it. I also felt bad taking him away from Apollo (Our family German Shepard).  I was sad to leave him but he had a couple acres of yard to run around in and a friend.  Maybe it was selfish to leave him behind..those few years but coming home to him was the best.  He is a very loving little guy paws on your shoulder hug you kind of guy.. will give you kisses for as long as you'll allow him too (he also has his moments..with some people). Our goodbyes and reuniting were always heart wrenching.

I just want to spend as much time as I can with him; Bringing him on adventures with me and showing him some new places along the way.  He came into my life at a time where I really needed him.

Most recently I have changed up my scenery a bit and I didn’t want to leave him behind.  So this time selfishly I brought him with me on a road trip down the east coast.  Trying to acclimate him into a smaller living space, with no yard.. has been quite the adjustment but we made it one week down.  In our first week.. we had a near death experience for us both.. or I should say a near broken experience but we are learning and we are figuring it out together.  I also learned that when a moment is presented I without hesitation will save my dog without really thinking of what would happen to me in the process.

From the front porch nights to the beach/parks/woods walks on rainy/snowy/sunny days. . to the drives around town, to the jobs he got to visit with my brother, to running around the yard with Apollo.. and to whatever the next adventures he will experience these next few months.

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