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My Journey: Who are you?

Who are you?

Have you ever just stopped and asked yourself, “Who am I?”

What about a random person or a friend.. have they ever asked you “Hey ___, Who are you? What do you value about yourself?”

What would you say…how would you respond?

Do you take time in thinking about your response?

Or do you already have it in your mind ready to give?

how deep within yourself do you pull the response out from?

how vulnerable do you allow yourself to go in that moment?

Do you fully see yourself or who you have been?

OR Does your mind and everything just go blank?

"I think I am a girl who is trying to live her life to the fullest but scared of failure and disappointing her family and herself. I also deal with depression and anxiety on a day to day basis. I also think I’m a girl who when it comes to her friends is very selfless and super caring and 100 percent always there for her loved ones and close friends no matter how much they fuck me over “

“I am a compassionate loving hard working women & love to be myself completely one of a kind. I don’t know, I am me.”

“i’m not sure how good of a response i can give, i’m young and trying to make the best of the remaining years I have as a teenager while trying to find myself and my passions in life”

“Serious answer, I would say a kind, compassionate, selfless, hard working, loving soul.”

"I am mom and a wife first and foremost. I am a provider, caretaker, and a teacher for my kids all day everyday. I am a best friend, lover, and partner to my husband. Mom and wife aside I am a person who cares deeply about what others think of her. I am constantly trying to please everyone. I hate to disappoint. I love my family to no end and I would do anything for any of them. I hate confrontation I try to avoid it. I am an introvert and I love staying at home with my people. Sad to say but you tend to lose yourself after marriage and kids. You become what people need of you more than what you are if that makes sense”

“Maybe something like..A mom, a daughter, a pushover, yet somewhat/how kind of strong, hardworking (and yet somehow very lazy) fairly good person? Or more simply someone who tries...most of the time”

“I’d say a daughter to ___ and ___ but if I’m answering personality wise, I’d say “a sarcastic goof just moseying along life”

“I am a mother, I am a daughter, a friend and a girl friend. I perceive myself as a hard worker, a go-getter, and someone who is constantly doing for others and putting everyone else before my own needs. I am someone who is a people pleaser and always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, I feel this happens because I have never had to create boundaries as a child, I always went with the flow. As an adult, I realize I need constant reminders that I need to start setting boundaries with people in my life that take advantage of my good heart. I am a person who is willing to try anything once, and take the risks that come along with it. I tend to deal with consequences as they come, and remind myself that it is all a learning experience. As an adult I have learned that I suffer from depression and anxiety, I struggle with commitment and I am always looking for the next best thing. I look for a "quick fix" with life experiences, and material things, and I consider that to be my biggest flaw. I am a good friend and I would give anyone the shirt off of my back, but I am a typical Virgo, don't cross me.”


However you choose to respond.. I do hope that you allow yourself to be honest, to be real, and to be vulnerable. That you allow yourself to think without judgement; with full acceptance on who you’ve been, and what you’ve been through.

When I first started asking myself these questions… I had honestly no idea how to answer myself, let alone answer someone else if they had asked me.

I have spent some time over the last few years asking myself this question..

My understanding of it and my response to it has varied and changed.

In whatever moment I ask myself this question, my mind runs through a few things..

Do I really say who I really think I am? Do I even know who I really am?

Although I never really cared what others thought/think of me.. do I allow how I think they would define me to be the answer to this? .. than at times my mind would go completely blank… nothing, absolutely nothing would be there.

I started continually asking myself this question in low moments, high moments, moments of uncertainty, and in moments of growth. I realized, I didn’t think I had ever known how to answer this.. probably because I have/had always been one to keep walls up.. someone who lacked the ability to be fully vulnerable… I didn’t pay much attention to myself, the present moment and or the time to really understand who I considered myself to be. I’ll say.. I lacked self connection, self acceptance, and self appreciation.

To share some of the things that would come to mind when it came to “Who I was/am?”

I am Invisible, a person, a sister/a daughter, a friend, an enemy, married/divorced, depressed, lonely, strong, free/wild, stupid, loving/caring, kind/supportive, weak, emotional, beautiful, loved, hated, selfish/selfless, mean, lost, and undefined.

Where I am at today with this is, that who I am will not ever be one thing or another.. I am an accumulation of everything I have been through along my journey, without letting it define who I am capable of being. Each and every moment has helped me.. grow, change, and learn about myself. Each high, and each low.. has helped me to understand the person I am capable of being… the person I continue to see and be every day.

This last two years alone, I have learned how to start.. actually seeing myself, valuing myself, my time, my energy and respecting the boundaries I have created. Learning each day more about self acceptance, and self appreciation.

… so again I will ask myself, Who are you?…

And I’d say.. I am someone who over the last few years has taken their life back into their own hands. It has been a slow journey but it has been so very rewarding. I am grateful, I am thankful and I am appreciative for this life of mine. I am someone who enjoys being lost, and then finding themselves over and over again. I am understanding, and I am patient.

My intention each day.. is to be myself fully.

Allow yourself to accept what was and what is. Live presently in your journey with what you have right now.


.Be Real. Be Free.

.Be You.

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