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Our Walk and Run Group

Updated: Feb 19

March of 2022 a group us decided we were going to start meeting up for a walk/run.  Some of us being runners would run and those who didn’t would walk.  We picked out a list of locations around the area that we all loved and knew about and we picked two days (and time) out of the week that would work for us all.

As kids our parents would try to get us involved in the fun runs in town.. and then after college our Aunt was happy to have my cousins and I to run with her.  Thats where our running/walking at local 5Ks started.  We have done 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, etc.. in many various locations from New Haven, CT, to  Portland, Maine, to Boston, Mass to locally in our home towns Pawcatuck/Stonington, Niantic, Montville, New London (Snow, rain, freezing cold to super hot and muggy).

It wasn’t to hard of a transition because we were already used to doing a 5K a month (well before I moved away to California I participated).   We decided that if we wanted to do a local 5K we would sign up but instead we would do this.    Our first walk/run we went to Ocean Beach Park in New London, Connecticut.   It was foggy and grey but we still adventured out.   

In the plans of doing this group we weren’t really worried about who could join every time and who couldn’t.   

We also liked the idea of going to a different place each time we got together.  So the list of locations grew and some weeks we had a group of ten and some weeks we would have a group of three.    Even on vacation weeks for the original members of our “group” we would still walk at the vacation spots on the specific day and send a group selfie.   We started a group text, so that if others in the group wanted to add anyone else they could.

The walk and runs are free.  There are no requirements or expectations of any person who chooses to participate.  Us runners would try to run about two-three miles and same with the walkers.   We tried to carve an hour max out of everyone who does participates schedule.  The group selfies at the end of our walk/runs came from when we would take before & after group pictures after our 5Ks.   

We realistically just liked the idea of being able to get together to have others to run and walk with.  We were able to visit new local locations that some of us haven’t ever been to or haven’t been to in a long time.

After the first year of multiple locations we switched it up for the second year.    We picked one centrally located place for everyone in the group and one time.  Now again it didn’t matter if the start time was 5:30pm you could show up in the hour window time frame, or before and go earlier.  We chose Niantic Boardwalk for our one centralized location on Mondays and Wednesdays.  It helped those who wanted to come with strollers for their kids and all of us to not have to fight the cars on the street.    The walkers stay on the Boardwalk for the most part; and us Runners created a few different routes that still incorporated the boardwalk.   With life schedules and weather having a role in our Monday/Wednesdays we could sometimes have a group of fifteen and a group of one or two.  The fun part about that is whoever was able to show up still took a selfie and sent it in our group chat.

We took the Walk and Run group throughout most of the year this Second year around.  We ended up starting back up last year in January and going one day a week if the weather permitted and then we did our last group day in November when the time changed right before Thanksgiving.   

Although I do tend to escape the cold, winter weather up north a lot I am excited to see what we will decide to do as a group for Year Three.

Beyond Grateful for all those who have come through and joined us the last couple of years!

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