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My Journey: a few moments just writing in my journal..


It was moments like this where

I needed strong hands to wipe away these tears..

I needed strong arms to wrap me up and hold on to me..

It was in moments like this where

I wanted to lay it all down

Moments I feel weak

Moments when I need someone else to take this weight off me

My mind gets messy

My heart aches

And the burden of being simply me becomes too much


We Give

And we Give

Sometimes with no limit

No pause

Until it drains every bit of us.



The power in this silence

Let this silence show you

Pay close attention



These present moments

The way others move.. how they speak

Where does your mind go

Breath. Be Here. And Let Go


I close my eyes, take a big inhale

And my mind goes..

“When I’m gone.. and you find yourself looking for me..

You might find me in the clouds..

you might find me in a breeze as you run through that field with the long grass..

But on the days there are no clouds in the sky and that field has been mowed..

.. you’ll find me in your heart..

Oh how your heart is my absolute favorite place to be.”


I understand that the words I want to say get trapped on the tip of my tongue.

All I want is to lay it all out.. speak my feelings

But fear stops me every time

How do you tell someone they are all you ever wanted/needed

How do you put yourself out there in that way

But speaking your truth will always show you what is for you and what isn’t.

It’ll clear out what isn’t supposed to be there.

or maybe I am not meant to say those words.. maybe that's the protection

a blocked throat chakra


I created a boundary..

But when I looked at him all I wanted to do was run my fingers through his hair

I wanted to ride with him until the morning sun came up..

I wanted to take him deep into my throat and feel his body release it all.

But.. I did nothing


I crave your touch

In such an intimate way

Fingertips tracing my body

Learning it… remembering it

Noticing.. every scar.. every freckle.. every curve touch..

so I wait.

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