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My Journey: A Year of Writing

.. a year of writing..

It’s wild, to think that it’s been a YEAR since I started writing and posting for this Blog.

I am both thankful & grateful for any and all who have taken the time to read a blog or two.. I am thankful & grateful for those who who experience this journey with me.

My idea when starting this blog was to write about my journey .. my experiences, different perspectives I’ve had, and what I’ve learned and continue to learn along the way.

I started this blog in all honesty for myself.. to overcome fears that I’ve always had when it came to my writing. I have never really liked to share my words/thoughts, or things that I have wrote with anyone. The anxiety that I had writing regular papers in school was through the roof..

The scariest thing I have ever done with anything I have ever wrote, was read about my Uncle at his funeral service when I was ten.. (not that anyone could really even hear me I am sure).

..I (like many) grew up in that timeframe where we didn’t have cell phones (at first), so we were always writing notes to each other. We eventually got creative with the notes, and my cousin and I started a note “notebook”; an actual book that we would just hand off back and forth to each other. Its funny, every no and then I go through this old box that has pictures, cards, notes, and newspaper articles from middle school - high school. Rereading some of these notes and the things we used to talk about and write about to each other.

This blog was my own “public” journal of my journey. Bad grammar and all.

The purpose of this blog was to face my own personal fear, and I honestly didn’t think anyone would even read along. Much like, I didn’t think any of these would resonate with anyone else.

This past year with this blog I wasn’t quite sure of the direction I wanted to go.. or how I would want to continue to go on with it.

Within the blogs that I am more vulnerable in .. about my journey I try to be as honest, and real as I can. I feel as if I am going to write something I should be as real as I can. Its not a vlog or a Social media post of me talking about my experiences.. so I feel as if I have to provide as much as I can without giving an aggressive amount of information in one post.

I also didn’t start writing about my journey for any sympathy or the hope of connecting with others in anyway. I think that it is absolutely beautiful and amazing for the feedback I have gotten on some of my blogs.. and the individuals who have reached out and shared their thoughts and how it made them feel.

We sometimes don’t realize all that we have to say..

We sometimes don’t realize everything we have bottled up inside of us.

& Sometimes.. you just have to start doing.. start writing..start speaking.

actions > the what ifs

In 2020 .. I spent a great deal of time reminded me how I kept a diary as a kid.. how I was always writing about something random in notebooks. All those private thoughts and stories.

2021 for me has been “the year of strength”..

I have continues to grow in so many different ways and I can say I am thankful for the decision to start this.

I have constantly been brainstorming new ideas, and other topics to try and discuss.. for the next upcoming year, which, I am so excited to share.

.. Unbelievably grateful to be able to bring something to life each month.. to take my random thoughts.. my journey and put it out there.

To release and let go of anything and everything I have been holding on too.

To let what flows, flow.. and let go of what goes.

To realize what isn’t for me.. what I have been pointlessly putting energy into.. or towards.

always knowing…that whatever is meant for you.. won’t pass you by.

Stop Chasing and Start Living..

One day, one moment at a time.

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