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My Journey: The Open letter to Myself

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

..& sometimes you just need a moment to collect yourself..

Have you ever wrote yourself a letter? if you haven’t or if you wanted to..

Where would you start? What would you write?

Are you capable of being real with yourself?

For me it wasn’t necessarily about having the capability to be real with myself but more so about telling myself some words that I wished someone would say to that moment (the things I tell myself to get me out of a funk .. or even the things I tell myself when I feel an anxiety attack coming on).

I have had a lot of different feelings & emotions to process & understand, this past couple of weeks.. or I’d even say month.

… I figured I’d share the letter I wrote last week while I was in the park..

“The Open Letter”


There are a few things I’d like to say..

First, when would it be a good time to let yourself feel the truth.. the realness of everything that you know. Stop overthinking about all the different things that could go wrong.

yes, you are going to make mistakes along the way.. but that’s what helps you grow and learn. Think about all you’ve grown thru so far..

Somethings you may need to remember you are fearless

you are kind

you are loved

your strength is not your weakness

be grateful for where you are at in this moment

…and I honestly hope that one day you grow to admire your strength.

let’s think about the words “you are loved.”

I know you do not believe nor trust those three words.

But you are .. look at this small tribe of yours .. and the support.

continue to be authentically you, show your big heart, and …occasionally let down those walls of yours.

create a space for yourself where you see and hear yourself.

in creating this space and keeping yourself stop blocking what is meant for you..

if someone chooses to walk out of your life..

be kind to yourself follow your intuition and trust your heart

remember let what flows, flow and what goes, go.

trust others enough to be themselves.

trust & pay attention to what they show you

do they respect your boundaries?

do they fit within the life you are trying to create for yourself?

if not trust yourself enough to walk away.

i know right now you think the saying “trust others to be themselves“ is both complicated but yet simple. For each moment that you go through with others you will begin to understand this more and more. Only time will tell.

I know you still battle with knowing when to walk away..from places & people. It has been the toughest thing for you to learn. You need to release that need or desire to help or stay longer than you should. You have to be willing to take the risk in walking away.. the fear of the “what if“ is only holding you back.

I hope you are always willing to show up for yourself

..stay honest and stay true to who you are

I’m going to end this, by saying..

it can be difficult at times and it has the potentially to get lonely…

but trust and believe that you have everything you need within you..

you have everything you need to start..

make those changes

make a difference

release those distractions will all work out how it’s supposed to..

what is meant for you will not pass you by

Please Don‘t ever give up.’s about your journey..

your strength, is what got you here.

love always,



Love Your Journey

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